About Us

Sophie’s Fund was set up by a local schoolgirl horrified to hear of local
people who couldn’t afford everyday needs.

An unexpected change – rent rise, illness, job loss, relationship
breakdown – can tip people over the edge financially. A small grant can
make all the difference, smoothing the transition. Sophie’s Fund helps
cover the cost of things like fresh food, nappies, gas or electricity top
ups, kitchen equipment, prescription charges or travel to appointments.
When things are really bad, it can help move people into a refuge. It
tells local people that their neighbours care when they’re struggling.

Access to the funds is via Uttlesford Citizens Advice or contact us via the link below.
Each application will be considered on its individual merits.

How can you support Sophie’s fund?
Support or sponsor our fundraising events
Make a regular or one-off donation
Hold a collection or event in your school or office
Help us with publicity

Please contact us for further information.